Boat use is interdicted at present time in Italy

Coronavirus, “Can I go out alone?”. Answer from Italian transport minister

A lot of People were asking themselves, whether it was possible to relax with a boat trip, of course alone, on their leisure boat

Una motovedetta CP, classe 800

(photo) Italian Coast Guard patrol vessel, class 800

So the question is:”Can I go out cruising or fishing, alone with my boat???”

The clear answer is NO. See why.

Il DPCM (Italian Decrete of March 9th, aka “stayhome”) it is effectively not mentioning  leisure yachts and their operation. The Minester of Transport has in facts provided clarifications, which has been promptly delivered to the Coast Guard, Touristic Port Management Companies and Owner associations

Gettting out with a boat– Minister explains – shall require a journey to the Boat Owner which is expressively denied to the any citizen, unless it is due to necessary and non postponable matters, basically three: documented job travel, food purchase or medical assistance, assistance to Famiy member or return to domicile or place of residece. A boat trip is not whithin them so, the use of a leisure boat, for sure is configuring an infraction to the Decrete rules with following incurring in the all the sanction and even crime issue the Decree has stated

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